Top 5 NBA Throwback Jerseys

Posted by Custom Throwback Jerseys on 2nd Nov 2022

Nostalgia is the rage today. And when it comes to NBA jerseys, let’s face it; everything we love about modern-day NBA uniforms is a callback to the NBA’s Golden Era. Today, thousands of avid fans own vintage throwback jerseys to commemorate their favorite teams and players.

These cool-looking, retro jerseys enable wearers to take a trip down memory lane into NBA history and showcase their love and passion for the game in style.

In this guide, we’ll share some of the most iconic and sweetest-looking NBA throwback jerseys worn over the decades. We’ll also share which memorable superstars shot hoops while wearing them.

New York Knicks 1980's Navy Jersey

1980’s NY Knicks team featured a star-studded lineup comprising the likes of Earl Monroe, “Sugar Ray” Michael Ray Richardson, and most notably, Bernard King. These stars wore the iconic Navy blue jersey with orange and white stripes.

Unlike most conventional jerseys, it featured a stylish V-neck design with the player’s front number placed above the team name “New York”. This unique, design has resurfaced in recent years as a reminder of some of the best moments in Madison Square Garden in the ‘80s, including Bernard King’s consecutive 50-point games against the Mavericks and Spurs in 1982.

Overall, this jersey makes an excellent addition for any veteran Knickerbocker’s wardrobe to wear to the Garden or on the road.

Los Angeles Lakers 1960’s Blue Jersey

If one thing has remained consistent in the NBA, it’s the Lakers’ jerseys. However, before the Los Angeles Lakers became known for their iconic purple, and gold color scheme, the team wore blue uniforms from 1960 to 1966 after moving from Minneapolis to LA.

Today, the legendary 1960’s blue jersey remains one of the market's most sought-after NBA throwback jerseys. This era marks one of the most memorable periods in the Laker’s history due to their intense rivalry with the Boston Celtics that saw them face each other in six consecutive finals.

This team also featured some of the best players to play the game, including Hall of Famer's Elgin Baylor and Jerry West.

Moreover, it was brought back in 2004 during the KobeShaq era, which made it even more popular among younger fans.

The 1960’s blue jersey’s sleek design features the iconic cursive "Los Angeles" logo on the front chest in white with a sky blue outline. The numbers (also in white & sky blue) feature a solid 3-D design and are placed right underneath.

Phoenix Suns 1970's–1990's White Jersey

From 1970-1990, the Phoenix Suns had one of the best uniforms in the NBA. Their iconic white jersey with the bold orange and purple Phoenix logo is a relic of the era it was created in. It has been worn by all-star caliber players and legends, including Paul WestphalTom Chambers, and “The Greyhound” Walter Davis.

So, whether you’re looking to make a sporty fashion statement or pay tribute to your team’s legends, this retro jersey makes a solid addition to any hardcore Suns fan’s wardrobe. The “Phoenix” across the chest makes a solid first impression and compliments the jersey perfectly for a distinguished look.

Golden State Warriors 1990's Blue Jersey

Throughout the NBA’s history, there’s been a myriad of visually-stunning jerseys. Just like every other NBA franchise team, the Golden State Warriors have an iconic jersey that symbolizes their team’s history and culture.

The Warriors’ 1990 blue jersey pays homage to Oakland’s Bay Area hoop culture and the team’s transition into the modern era.

Worn by the likes of Chris MullenMitch Richmond, and “C-Web” Chris Webber, this blue uniform features a tilted gold Warriors logo with the numbers hanging under the “S.” It represents the team’s first memorable core as they slowly transitioned from underdogs to challengers and champions by the next two decades for the first time since 1975.

This jersey is a reminder of the “We Believe” era and one of essential apparels in the team’s history. Therefore, it’s no surprise it makes it to the best NBA throwback jerseys list.

Houston Rockets 1990’s Red Jersey

Finally, the last NBA throwback jersey on our list is the fan-favorite Houston Rockets 1990s jersey. This iconic basketball jersey features a modern color scheme that wasn’t found in most old jerseys. It features foundational red with gold and white trim, the tilted Houston logo, and bold numbers below.

This masterpiece has been worn by “The Glide” Clyde Drexler and “The Dream” Hakeem Olajuwon. This jersey highlights the Rocket’s most dominant period while capturing back to back NBA championships in the mid 1990's

As a result, this iconic jersey is the team’s most popular retro jersey as it reminds wearers of their success under the leadership of Olajuwon, Sampson, and Drexler.

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