Your Guide to Creating the Perfect NHL Man Cave in Your Garage

Posted by Custom Throwback Jerseys on 16th Feb 2021

There are two things an NHL fan deserves—a vintage and/or custom jersey and a garage man cave. At Custom Throwback Jerseys, we can help with finding your favorite team, number, and colors. We’ve also created this guide to creating a perfect man cave in your garage. It provides a look into what goes into creating a home within your home where you can express your passion, watch games, and enjoy solitude or time with friends.

What’s a Man Cave?

You’ve decided to park the car outside and create a room that’s all your own. A man cave redefines your garage as a personal sanctuary. It’s a personal space to relax, feel like yourself, and make room for the things that define your character. In here, you can watch what you want and be as creative as you want without having anyone judging you. Some guys create man caves to house their car collections. Others build a personal room to watch games and put sports memorabilia.

Although the term may sound like something from the stone age, the modern man cave is far from it. In fact, garage man caves have become a popular interior design trend. You can incorporate anything you want, as long as there’s room for it and you can afford the project. First, you need a dedicated space and a budget; from there, you’re only limited by your imagination.

Components of the Perfect NHL Man Cave

Creating the Perfect NHL Man Cave in Your Garage

Man caves come in many forms. The character of your room will be defined by a wide variety of elements. There is practically an infinite set of possibilities. To create the NHL man cave you’ve always dreamed of, here are some of the things that you will absolutely need:

Insulated Garage

Without good insulation, watching hockey won’t be a pleasant experience for anybody. It will be downright chilly in your garage, and the noise of all your glory may be heard throughout the house. Others in your household honor your privacy; it’s wise to be respectful of them too.

You can accomplish this by insulating the walls, floors, and ceiling. Your garage door should be insulated, too, for many reasons. The process will likely not be cheap, but the rewards will be worth it. You can then make the TV as loud as you want and cheer to your heart’s content, and nobody can complain about it.

Large HDTV

Large high-definition televisions have come down in price. There are LCD, LED, OLED, and all kinds of other technologies. You can find a decent-sized one for a few hundred bucks, but why not go as large as you can afford? After all, this is your space. With the resolutions these days, you’ll feel just like you’re at the game!

Then you can sign up for NHL Center Ice and not miss a single event. You can even watch multiple games, from anywhere in the country, simultaneously. If you’re not the Smart TV type, Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV systems can give you what you need.

Comfortable Seating

Every man cave needs furniture. Comfortable seating, whether a recliner, a sectional couch, or bar stools, is an absolute must. Whatever form it may take, you certainly need a place to sit back and sip a beer and enjoy those wings and chips! The more comfortable, the better; you’ll see those aches and pains go away. Don’t forget the cup holder to keep a drink by your side or the remote very close by.

Masculine Design Touches

A leather couch or chair, wood cabinets, and metal accents are quite masculine. You don’t have to go all-out with a truck sofa, but that can work too. There’s nothing wrong with neon lights in a man cave, either. If you have a design theme in mind, you can stick with it when choosing furniture and decorations.

The final result can be big and ambitious or as refined and cozy as you please, but it doesn’t hurt to have a surprising centerpiece, such as an elaborate home theater, wine cellar, or wall aquarium.

Paint the Walls in Your Team’s Colors

Air Hockey Table

Bright flashy colors and flowery wall-paper won’t do for a man cave. You can paint the walls dark brown or black or another bold, dark, masculine color. The choice is up to you. If you’re lacking in ideas for a color scheme, you can use your favorite team’s colors to express your fandom. With a little creativity, it’s amazing what you can do with two or three colors. You can paint the walls and ceiling differently or reflect the team’s branding everywhere you look.

Air Hockey Table

An air hockey table in your garage man cave lets you enjoy the fun and games for yourself or with your buddies. Act out your favorite plays, create some competition, or just have some fun forgetting about the world. This concept isn’t limited to air hockey. You can also add a pool table, dart board, foosball, or some arcade games to give yourself more playtime.

Framed Jerseys

Almost nothing expresses how personal hockey is to you than sports jerseys. Custom Throwback Jerseys look great in stylistic frames. Framed NHL jerseys with pictures of your favorite players in action are great complements to your signed sports memorabilia. You can also frame as many vintage photographs of arenas and memorable sporting events/moments as will fit on your wall. These all are great additions to the decor of your man cave.

Sports Memorabilia

Jerseys and photographs are quintessential for any NHL fan’s man cave. Many sports fans also have pennants, hockey-themed signs, and clocks, as well as miniature or life-sized replicas of the Stanley Cup. Why not put a large scoreboard on one side of the room? Don’t forget the hockey puck that ended up in the stands or you bought in the gift shop!


If you have a spare corner, build your own personal bar with a counter, stools, and a mini-fridge. Keep your drinks in the garage. Whenever you feel thirsty, you can grab a beer without leaving the room! If you have space, level up with a mini-fridge that can store snacks, sandwiches, and other delicacies. Now you can relax and not have to run back and forth after a long, strenuous week.

NHL Vintage Throwback Jerseys

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