Unusual MLB Records

Unusual MLB Records

Posted by Custom Throwback Jerseys on 19th Aug 2019

More than just about any other game in the world, Major League Baseball is all about the numbers. It’s a game where a simple box score can tell an emotional rollercoaster of a story. Where even the most casual fan knows their RBIs from their ERAs. Where the race for the Triple Crown is as hotly debated as the outcome of the World Series.

Let’s not forget the incredible true story of the Oakland A’s (as seen in Moneyball), either, where an entire winning team was built on the back of some creative number crunching, changing the face of the sport forever. From the moment in 1861 when Henry Chadwick, an Englishman, started compiling the very first baseball records, statistics have been the lifeblood of the game.

It’s fair to say that all MLB fans—including us—love our statistics and records. We love it when a record is broken, and we love it when they stand the test of time, too. We also love it when the records are so unusual that we’ve never heard of them before, which is why we’ve brought together some of our favorites in the “strange-but-true” category.

Think you know every record there is in MLB? These statistics might surprise you!

Unusual MLB Records Infographic