The Evolution of Major League Baseball

Posted by Custom Throwback Jerseys on 2nd Mar 2020

The modern product known as Major League Baseball has gone through countless changes over its long history. The game you see today when you turn on the TV or visit a stadium is dramatically different in many ways from the early professional leagues, yet the core rules and gameplay remain unchanged. It can help add to your enjoyment of the modern game to understand a little bit about the history and timeline of how MLB has become what it is today.

There have been plenty of notable milestones along the way, such as the playing of the first World Series, the introduction of televised games, the addition of the designated hitter, and more. In recent years, it has been the addition of instant replay that has grabbed the spotlight and changed the game forever. Whether you are a long-time baseball fanatic or just starting to get interested in the game, the timeline below will help you understand where the game has been over the past 150+ years. 

The Evolution of Major League Baseball Infographic