The Best MLB Throwback Jerseys

Posted by Custom Throwback Jerseys on 2nd Apr 2022

There's something iconic about vintage throwback jerseys. Many avid MLB fans know everything about their favorite teams including the franchises' history, the most notable players, and World Series appearances.

They may even have one or two jerseys hanging up in their closet. But nothing shows team spirit or allegiance quite like a vintage baseball jersey.

Unique designs, styles, and colors all come together to memorialize a special time in MLB history. If you're looking to add a few MLB throwback jerseys to your collection, keep reading.

In this guide, we'll share some of the most iconic baseball jerseys from years gone by that embody the history and spirit of the game.

Atlanta Braves 1972-75 Home Jersey

Even though this baseball jersey design was only around for a few years, it made a big impact. This was the era of MLB legend Hank Aaron who on April 8, 1974 wore this specific style to break Babe Ruth's legendary home run record.

This baseball jersey design has since resurfaced as the Braves have worn this same style during several Throwback games over the past several seasons.

The team's red, white, and blue home jersey was first revealed shortly after their move from Milwaukee in 1966. With a solid white chest, blue sleeves, and red accents, the jersey embodies both baseball and the American spirit.

The team wore these classic colors until 1975 before switching to a pinstripe design.

Baltimore Orioles 1975-92 Orange Alternate Jersey

When MLB fans see orange, one team comes to mind -- the Baltimore Orioles. Home to legendary players like Cal Ripken Jr. and Brooks Robinson, the Baltimore team made a statement in the 70s and 80s with this eye-catching orange baseball jersey.

The vibrant orange of this jersey is accented by the black cursive writing and white border, making the Oriole name "pop" on the front. The striped armbands and collar add a nice finishing touch.

Your favorite player's name and number are boldly displayed on the back in black. Other memorable Orioles jerseys include the 1965 Majestic Cooperstown home jersey in white and their 1963 gray and orange road jerseys.

Houston Astros 1975-86 Home Jersey

If you're looking for throwback jerseys that combine vibrant colors and a unique design, look no further than the jersey the Astros wore from 1975 until '86. This iconic baseball jersey is instantly recognizable thanks to its unconventional pattern and colors.

The team was originally known as the Houston Colt .45s but rebranded itself in 1965. In 1975, the club traded its classic "shooting star" design for something much bolder.

This throwback jersey has white shoulders that also cover the chest before exploding into different shades of orange and yellow. The vibrant colors are displayed in lines of different thicknesses down the entire front and back.

The Astro name is featured in black against white and a large black star helps break up the solid orange design. Some of the most famous Astros to wear this baseball jersey include Nolan Ryan (who joined the team in 1980), Jose Cruz, and J.R. Richard.

Chicago Cubs 1982-89 Road Jersey

The Chicago Cubs rank as one of the top five most popular MLB teams in America. With legendary players like Sammy Sosa, Andre Dawson, and Ryne Sandberg, it's no surprise that people want a piece of Cub's history hanging in their closets.

If you can only purchase one Chicago Cub's sports jersey, let it be the road jersey they wore from 1982 until 1989. For starters, it displays the iconic Cub logo large and proud on the upper right chest. The red club name stands out against the white backdrop, with the entire logo surrounded in blue.

The jersey itself is a deep royal blue that's hard not to notice. The red and white from the team's logo are also visible on the armbands and collar. This pullover-style jersey is synonymous with the 80s, comfort, and summertime fun.

Milwaukee Brewers 1972-84 Road Jersey

When it comes to throwback jerseys, nothing screams vintage quite like the baby blue and mustard gold colors of the Milwaukee Brewer's road jersey of the 70's and 80's. This colorway combined with thick armbands and cursive lettering makes this a memorable baseball jersey in MLB history.

With legendary players like Robin Yount, Cecil Cooper, and Gorman Thomas, the team made its first (and only) World Series debut in 1982. Another classic 80's pullover, this jersey is as comfortable as it is classic.

It should be noted that Hank Aaron wore this same style jersey in 1976 during the last season of his great career, with the only difference being the logo on the front read "Brewers". The team changed the logo to "Milwaukee" in 1978

NY Mets 1983-92 Home Jersey

Nothing says baseball quite like classic NY pinstripes. Both the NY Mets and Yankees have opted for clean, crisp pinstripes for their home uniforms for decades.

And while the Yankees are arguably the most famous baseball team in MLB history, the rivalry with the Mets is still going strong. Maybe that's why the Queens-based team adopted a similar pinstripe design when entering the National league in 1962.

In the early 1980's the home pullover jersey featured thick orange and blue stripes which ran from the player's shoulder down the entire side body of the jersey and continued onto their uniform pants. With a similar pullover design to the Brewer's and Cub's, the Met's home jersey showcased classic cursive writing across the chest and the player's number on the lower left front corner.

Some of the most famous Mets to wear this baseball jersey include Darryl Strawberry, Gary Carter, and Dwight Gooden. The Mets wore this classic style jersey in 1986 while capturing the World Series in a thrilling 7 games.

Throwback Jerseys Through the Years

There are countless ways to show your team spirit but there's something truly special about throwback jerseys. They help remind you of a simpler time and act as a window into the past.

Baseball is known as America's pastime for a reason. Vintage jerseys represent history, values, and the foundation of the MLB.

We proudly carry throwback jerseys for MLB, NHL, NBA, and NFL franchises, as well as the WHA and Olympics. If you're interested in a specific player, head over to our player jersey collection page. You can also order a custom jersey fitted with your own name!

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