Best Coaches in NHL History

Posted by Custom Throwback Jerseys on 23rd Oct 2019

If you want to get a discussion going among a band of hockey fans, ask who were the best coaches in the NHL. A lot of fans have some pretty strong opinions, but there are a few names that seem to come up time and time again. 

One reason these coaches' names come up is because of their win records. Each of these four coaches has won multiple Stanley Cups, as well as some very impressive stats when it comes to guiding teams to the playoffs and just overall wins.

The coaches we selected are also highly decorated. Two of them have received the Jack Adams reward, and one of them is even in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

If you're a hockey fan, you probably have your favorite NHL coach, but the four shown in this infographic are some of the greatest of all time. To find out more about the best coaches in NHL history, please read the following infographic.

Best Coaches in NHL History