Barry Bonds - Greatest Home Run Hitter of All Time ?

Posted by Custom Throwback Jerseys on 15th May 2022

With almost 150 years behind it, Major League Baseball has a long legacy of athletic and sporting achievement. Putting others to shame are the record-holders of MLB such as Barry Bonds. He is the reason you will often see a fan in a Barry Bonds throwback jersey or sporting other memorabilia.

What records have Barry Bonds smashed, though? This article will explain what his achievements are, and by the end, you should have a good idea of why MLB throwback jerseys are so popular. So, read on to learn more about what makes Bonds the all-time home run king.

Barry Bonds and His Home Run Record

Barry Lamar Bonds is one of the most famous professional baseball players in the world. From his start in 1986 playing for the Pittsburgh Pirates, all the way until his retirement in 2007, he dominated the sport like no other.

Over his career, he succeeded in attaining several different MLB awards. These include his total number of MLB home runs, which stands at 762. His home run total has exceeded all other players in history, with only the late Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth even coming close.

He split his career between two major league teams, each of which made use of his stunning talents to help them succeed:

The Pittsburgh Pirates

Between 1982 and 1992, the Pittsburgh Pirates was where Barry Bonds began his career. Over his time there, he consistently improved, going from 16 home runs in 1986 up to 34 in 1992.

The San Francisco Giants

Despite his grand success in Pittsburgh, In 1992 he made the decision to move to the San Francisco Giants, where his father Bobby, and hero Willie Mays played.

In his first year with the San Francisco Giants, he racked up an impressive 46 home runs. Over time, this high record continued, with scores in the high 30s and 40s being common place. This peaked in 2001 when he managed to hit 73 home runs.

Barry Bonds and His Place in History

Although he is recognized as one of the greatest home run hitters in history, it should not be passed over that he was also a great fielder and base runner in his prime. His 756th home run ball sits in the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.

In 2018, the San Francisco Giants retired his jersey. Thus, the Barry Bonds jersey is now one of the most sought after throwback jerseys available and has become a collector's item.

Barry Bonds has accomplished many feats during his great career including:

- 7 time National League MVP 

- 8 time Gold Glove winner for fielding excellence

- 2 time National League Batting Champion

- 12 time Silver Slugger winner

- 14 All Star appearances

Steroid Charges

It would be unfair to discuss Barry Bonds' achievements without discussing his steroids scandal. Over several years, Barry Bonds came under investigation for several counts of potential steroid use.

Though he was not charged for steroid use, his trainer received charges for supplying them, and to this day the issue haunts Bonds. The record-winning baseball sitting in the Baseball Hall of Fame even bears an asterisk, created by the person who won it in an action. This asterisk symbolizes the ambiguity inherent in his successes.

This steroid controversy is the obvious reason Bonds is not in the MLB Hall of Fame. 

Who Could Even Come Close?

Barry Bonds was the best, but there are still plenty more players who had similar careers. The following are some of the other famed home run record-holders.

Henry Aaron. With 755 home runs over his career, he has the second-highest home runs in his career.

Babe Ruth. Between 1914 and 1935, Babe Ruth scored 714 home runs. This put him in the position of the third-highest home runs of all time in an MLB game.

Alex Rodriguez. In fourth place, he managed to gain a career-high of 696 home runs.

Where to Learn More

The above should give you a good understanding of who Barry Bonds was. You can now use this information to impress your peers with your baseball knowledge. Just remember, that is not the only information out there, and your baseball story is only just beginning.

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