Top MLB Players of All Time

Posted by Custom Throwback Jerseys on 24th Jun 2019

Who are the best baseball players in history? That’s a question baseball fans have been debating for decades, and the debate keeps getting updated as active players continue to put up amazing numbers. 

There are several reasons why fans tend to have trouble coming up with a conclusive list of the all-time greats. One of the big ones is the lack of a single criterion that we can all agree on to rank players. For many of us, career stats are the most important benchmark, because it’s difficult to achieve great things on the field without generating remarkable numbers. Even if we agree on the supreme value of stats, though, it’s also true that there are an awful lot of numbers to sort through. It can be hard to decide whether one player’s unique combination of stats—career hits, home runs, games played, batting average, All-Star Game appearances, Gold Gloves, World Series rings, etc.—is more impressive than another’s.

You also run into problems when it comes to judging the relative merits of players from different eras. Are today’s players fundamentally better, or do they just benefit from different playing conditions?

It’s a debate that probably won’t be settled any time soon. In the meantime, we at Custom Throwback Jerseys would like to present our list of the five MLB best players. Do you agree with us? Are we way off the mark? We always welcome your comments.

The Greatest MLB Baseball Players of All Time